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The VOYARRO airline app makes communication between airport staff and customers smoother and faster. The app is available everywhere you may travel. Help is only a simple click away—airport staff can find lost customers through GPS location and direct them to the proper gate and flight. VOYARRO make air travel easy, friendly and global!


UX/UI Design




The world is becoming more global, and people can easily travel to other countries. Airports in the world are getting larger and larger. They have many stores and services that attract travelers. However, they can make people nervous because it’s easy to get lost and miss a flight because people cannot speak or read English well. If you need to find your gate to catch your next flight and you are lost, the airport staff may not speak your native language, which can become a traumatizing experience. How can we make an airport a more comfortable place for non English speakers? The VOYARRO airline app provides a service that makes travel easier and more comfortable for non-English speakers.

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People bring a lot of stuff when they travel, but sometimes struggle to bring up their ticket. with Voyarro, a traveler can easily bring up their ticket for an upcoming flight. When a traveler clicks on upcoming travel, their ticket will appear. It’s so easy to use, you only need one hand to do it!

Different airplanes have different features. Some airplanes offer wifi while others does not. How can a traveler find out what features the airplane they booked has? People can access information on the airplane that they’ve booked, and see what feature they can use. 

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Flight Information
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UX/UI Design

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VOYARRO staff are friendly as the app itself; they will locate you and help to guide you to your destination


Make your flight easier by accessing your digital ticket and flight information. Easy to find support staff, to help you navigate the airport and find your gate.


Are you traveling alone in a foreign country? VOYARRO staff speak your language.

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If a traveler gets lost at the airport, AR navigation is available, no matter if you’re connected to the Internet or not. It is really easy to read because the map overlays digital information on top of the physical world. You can also check what is nearby you in the airport with this AR map.

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If someone wants to travel with several friends living in a different country or region, they can create a group chat and update their flight information there to show to everyone in the chat. If a traveler’s flight is delayed, the people in the room are notified, and they will get recommendations of what to do in the airport while they wait.

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