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Jindo Festival

As Korean content is getting more popular, the project is introducing Jindo dog as one of representative Korean element. The festival shows how smart and royal Jindo dogs can be. Some Korean singers are invited to open a concert to gather more audience. The festival also clarifies Jindos identity as a Korean monument.


Brand Identity, Print, Illustration




The Leaflet that introduces Jindo dogs. It introduced the illustrations of Jindo dogs, the characteristics of Jindo dogs, and the place of adoption.


Festival wristbands are a great security solution for access control and to identify VIP guests. Jindo dog's smile adds the wristbands cuteness.


Jindo Festival Games

Jindo Dog Festival has a board game session. The winner of the game gets a stamp. Get 6 stamps and win the prizes such as Jindo dogs toys, stationary, stickers.


The finale of Jindo Dog Festival is a gift shop. Jindo dogs plush, toys, stationary, stickers and other products with cute Jindo characters are now available. Jindo dogs become a global brand beloved in various fields of the world!

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